Day 9 – Big Beautiful Eyes

Day 9 – Big Beautiful Eyes

Do you ever go grocery shopping and totally forget one key thing? Well I do, and I happened to do that when doing my grocery shopping for the week. I tend to buy one thing for breakfast for the week, and switch it up every week. Well this week, I decided my breakfast would be bagels with cream cheese (or peanut butter and jam if I wanted to mix things up). Well I got the bagels… but I forgot the cream cheese. Now I am on a really strict budget right now, which means (if I want to follow my personal financial rules) I would not be able to buy the cream cheese until the following week. I do, however, allow myself a certain amount each week for eating out, which is what leads me to todays story.

So this morning, I decided to dip into my weekly spending money and buy myself a bagel from Tim Hortons. I have a habit of leaving the house the second that I am ready to go, so I am usually running extremely early, so I decided to sit down at a table in Tim Hortons to eat my breakfast before heading to work. I like to eat in peace, that’s just the way I am. So I chose a table that was pretty secluded in the corner by the door. After a few minutes, a man, I’m guessing in his mid-late 50’s sat at the table beside mine. I actually didn’t even notice him as I was reading emails and looking through Facebook on my phone. I was just about to pack up to go to work when I heard him say something to me.

“Do you get your big beautiful eyes from your Mom or your Dad?”

This really threw me off. I didn’t even realize there was anyone there, let alone someone there actually paying attention to me. I didn’t want to be rude, so I promptly responded with:


“My Dad”. This is partly true. My mom’s eyes are blue, Dad’s were brown, and I think I have a bit of a mix, but they are definitely more on the brown side.

Like I mentioned before, I was just about to pack up to go to work, so naturally, I looked at my watch to see the time (what else is a watch for?). The man decided to try to continue our conversation my saying:

“My watch died, do you have the time?”

To which I responded:

“9:15. Time to get to work!”

So I stood up and started to leave. As I was turning to walk away, I hear him say one last thing:

“Tell your Dad he has nice eyes.”

I could have said something here, but I didn’t because odds are, whatever I would have said about my Dad not being alive anymore, it would have sparked a much longer conversation than I wanted to have with this man. So I just turned and kept walking.

He could have just been trying to be nice and have a good old conversation at the coffee shop. He also could have been hitting on me. I will never truly know, but it felt like the latter.

Lately I’ve been writing about other sorts of things, mainly because since I “moved” here, I haven’t really experienced any objectification or harassment. Quite frankly, I’ve really been enjoying that. Until today.

It felt really weird, honestly, since nothing has really happened in the past few weeks. So I was pretty shook for the next bit of the day. But then I started to think about it. How age makes such a big difference in how people interpret things. If someone much old than him would have said that, I probably would have thought it was very sweet. If someone closer to my age would have said it, I probably would have been really flattered and blushy (I know it’s not a word, but just go with the flow). So why was it so weird that this man said it?

Seriously, I’m asking this as a real question because I honestly do not have an answer.

My theory, as of right now, is that maybe it’s because it came from a man who is probably around the age of my own parents. When it comes from someone older, you automatically think “sweet grandparents”, when it comes to someone close to your age, you think “smooth flirt who thinks you’re attractive”, but when it comes to someone in the middle, it just gets weird.

If you have any opinions on this matter, please feel free to comment! I am very interested to see what other people think!


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