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Day 7 – Being A Bystander

Day 7 – Being A Bystander

Today was a pretty good day. Long, but good. But some things happened today that really got me thinking. Specifically about what I do as a bystander, and do you know what I realized? Nothing.

I don’t mean I do nothing all the time, but the point is that I don’t do something every time that I witness something that I don’t believe is right or fair.

This happened on two separate occasions with two very different scenarios today, so I am going to tell you about both of them.

So this morning, on my way to work, I decided to stop at Tim Horton’s to grab a bagel for breakfast (a little treat to myself on payday). While I was driving to Tim’s, I noticed that the route I usually take to work was compromised by the ongoing construction, so after I got my bagel, I decided to take a different road, which just so happened to be the main street (also known as Main St.). As I was driving down Main St., which is also under construction, I heard someone yelling and another person whistling. When I looked over to see what was going on, I noticed two construction workers verbally harassing a young woman who was, seemingly, trying to open one of the shops downtown. Literally just trying to unlock the door trying to get to work.

I have been thinking about this all day. How this poor girl was just trying to mind her own business, trying to do her job and start the day. And the first thing that happens to her is that she gets cat-called and verbally harassed by some construction guys, who were clearly not trying to do their job!

But also, I am really upset with myself that I didn’t stop and say something. Step in. Granted, I was in a car, driving down the street where it would have been very unsafe for me to stop and get out. I feel insanely guilty because here I am, writing about how much I hate getting harassed, yet I won’t do anything to stop it when I see it happening to someone else. I’ve been saying that us women need to stick together and stand up for each other, and I did not do that today. I am quite ashamed of myself for it. But as a positive look, now I know how awful it is to just ignore it when I see it, and I will definitely intervene the next time I see something like this happening to another person, man or woman.

The next instance of witness today was just a little earlier tonight. As I mentioned above, today was payday! Yay! But unfortunately, this is a very small town, and my bank does not have a branch here. Luckily, there is one in a town about 15 minutes away. So after work, I was driving to the next town, when I saw two dogs run across the street, not on leashes, and with no human in sight. It was a pretty residential area, so I assume they were house pet dogs.

I have imagined this moment a hundred times. I have always imagined seeing dogs running loose, me getting out of the car and “rescuing them”, and returning them to their grateful owners.

Today, though, I learned that I was imagining wrong. Don’t get me wrong, I definitely wanted to do something, but again, I was driving, and on a fairly busy street. I thought about it for almost too long, and I ALMOST ran a red light because I was so distracted (don’t worry, I didn’t). Again, I am quite disappointed in myself for not doing anything to help. Surely, there was a family (or two) that was desperately searching for their dogs! And I could have helped, but I didn’t.

I love animals, especially dogs, and I feel like I could have helped. It is eating away at me that I didn’t stop. I keep hoping with all my heart that these dogs are ok and that they have made it back to their families. But I will never know, and that is killing me.

Once I got home, I kept thinking about both of these events, when I stumbled across a Facebook post from one of my very good friends that was really inspiring. It read: “I’m not looking for attention I just need to tell my story as to what happened this morning. My mother and I were out for breakfast this morning, a man in a wheel chair ended up sitting beside us. He received his food and my mom said “I think he’s having issues” I looked over and he was struggling to open his crackers I asked him kindly “do you need help opening your crackers” he kindly said “please” so I went over and helped him open his crackers we then started talking, he was legally blind. I guess I just want to say how amazing it feels to be helping others, just always keep your eyes there may be someone out there struggling and they may need your help. The littlest things count.” I am always very inspired by my friends. They are all such amazing people and they make me strive to be a better person. But this story really made me think, and it is what really inspired todays blog.

So today I learned a very valuable lesson. Always, always, always try to help! Not only will you make someone’s day better, you will also feel amazing about yourself!

Day 3 – The Pickup Corner

Day 3 – The Pickup Corner

Today’s ensemble consisted of dark blue skinny jeans, a burgundy loose-fitted tank top, a white PINK hoodie, and my black toms. The reasoning for today’s specific outfit was 1. Because of the weather. It is still normally below 20*C and can be pretty chilly in the shade and wind. And 2. I have just recently started a new job which means I am spending most of my day indoors where there is sometimes A/C, pants and a light sweater make for a comfortable me.

IMG_3061As I stated above, I have started a new job that involves me staying indoors for most of the day, which makes this experiment a little more difficult. I am not going to write about my co-workers, because I find that it is very unprofessional and disrespectful. But I will write about the other experiences that I had while I was not at work.

This morning, as I was leaving, I ran into the woman I am staying with talking to our neighbor in the driveway. Neither of them seemed to care even a little bit about what I was wearing. They said hi and asked me how work was going, etc. They respect me, and I them, and this seems to be the trend here. But alas, I will need to do a little more experimenting before I come to my conclusion. #Science.

I then stayed inside for the remainder of the morning and afternoon, meaning I didn’t experience any kind of harassment as I wasn’t out and about “flaunting”.
I do want to quickly reminisce back to last week (when I didn’t have any internet so I stopped working on the blog), when I was at work walking from the main building to the hall with one of my superiors, we had to walk passed a couple construction workers. This isn’t unusual as the whole main street is currently under construction. Two of them stared at us as we walked passed and started to point at us and holler at each other. I couldn’t necessarily hear exactly what they were saying over the noise of the construction, and I know it sounds super stereotypical, but I am assuming (dangerous to assume) that they were talking about the two of us. I always try not to label people or place them in a stereotype, so when this happened, I was kind of upset, but I also sort of laughed because it was just so comedic to me that construction workers would do that sort of thing after being called out in movies and tv shows for doing that sort of thing all the time. I wasn’t even mad.
After work today, though, I decided to walk downtown for a bit to get a few supplies for work (I forgot some important things at home, oops). For this I needed to add my Ray Bans and I needed to take the hoodie off IMG_3063and wrap it around my waist because it had gotten much hotter and sunnier over the course of the day. After picking up the things I needed, I decided to walk around for a bit since I’ve been sitting for most of the day and haven’t been getting as much exercise as I’m used to. I stopped near a restaurant (to read the posted menu) that just so happened to be situated on a corner. As I was reading, a man – I’m guessing in his early 20’s – came up and waited on the corner. I assumed he was waiting for the light to change so that he could cross the street, but he suddenly turned to me and said “If you wait on this corner for long enough, someone will pick you up.” Now at first, I thought this was some kind of hint towards prostitution, but moments later, a red convertible pulls up, driver (older man) waves at this man, the man gets into the convertible and they drive off. I told a friend who has been here longer than I have about my encounter and she said that it is probably because of the construction and that since it’s a small town where everyone knows everyone, people just pick each other up and give each other rides around the construction because it is simply faster.

After dinner, I decided to go down to the pier, get some ice cream and watch the sun set. I have always loved sunsets. Again, the only looks and glances I got were nothing worth noting. I passed by many people, whether they were alone or with a group, male or female, young or old. When people glance at me, is seems more like an acknowledgement of my existence more than “checking me out” for lack of better words.
Other than the strange corner experience, I didn’t really notice anything odd, other than a little girl stare at me from inside a restaurant as I walked passed, and one man driving passed leaned over his friend in the passenger seat to look at me as they drove passed. This seems a little dramatic, which is another thing I am learning from this experiment: men are extremely dramatic.